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Thursday, October 06, 2005


From e-mails to Hank Lazer and William Doty

There is a slavish allegiance to chronology - to time as an unfolding toward some end. Or in evolution toward increasing complexity. Or in entropy the disintegration along a scale of time. How much of this has anything to do with reality? We utilize various tools, or place our consensus paradigm upon reality then behave as if the tool was the thing itself. Time, and measurement of whatever kind, may be finally unreliable – at best only useful in a context.
Perhaps it is best in art (or any attempt to realize things as they actually are) not to place too much faith in time, space, particular sets of dimensions. We are organisms that do particular things, but we should not mistake these things, or our abstract conceptualizations by their means, for what is real.

I am an animal pretending to be a man.

Jake Berry 10.06.05


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