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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Part 2 – At c:

If at c is a vanishing what can be said about that beyond? According to the Minkowski diagram, spacetime can be presented as two cones touching at their apexes, positioned one on top of the other. The cones are visual presentations of the distances light travels in space over time. Since there is more time for light to travel in the distant past and the distant future the area covered by light is greater the further one observes in each direction. Since light has traveled the shortest distance in the present then it is represented by the point at which the cones touch.

However, at c all of the light in either direction is available immediately because the barriers of time and distance have been eliminated. Yet, the representation of the twin cones leave something unaccounted for –– that which lies outside the cones. Beneath c everything lies within the cones, but once we have arrived at c we are no longer within those cones.

This “area” outside has been called "??elsewhere??." The double question marks are appropriate because elsewhere suggests another place or time. The double question marks remind us that place and time depend on the reality inside the cones. I have chosen to disclose the condition that is not within the cones with an empty space, with the space that follows the colon. The colon indicates that at c the condition changes, and changes so radically that to represent it would be a fallacy. We cannot represent what lies at or beyond the absolute because representation is based upon the conditions the absolute imposes.

Everything then, up to this point has been introduction. The space beyond the colon does not represent space at all. It does not represent anything, but it does provide us with an opportunity. In order for us to take advantage of that opportunity we will have to investigate what we mean when we use the words 'perception’ and ‘imagination’.

Jake Berry 10.18.05


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